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About Írisz Office and our complex services

The vast majority of those who choose our accounting and tax planning services will see a dramatic increase in profits within 12 months after we took over their accounting. Owing to outsourcing accounting, tax planning, budgeting, optimization and financial tasks to Írisz Office, the management will be able to deal with the most important things; the clients’ needs, the employees, the partners, sales activities, acquisitions, the production and developing of products. We take the burden off our clients so they can do what they are the best at – this is what we do as well.

Who are we?

We are more than just regular accountants. We are accounting and tax planning experts who offer unique services in the premium segment. We are operating since 2000 as a business group which involves several companies. Since 2004 Írisz Office has been the flagship company among them. The last 20 years the evolution and growth of Írisz Office Group has been significant and unbroken, which is traceable not only in figures, but in the complexity of our activities as well. At our company, accounting is not just recording data and we are not looking for partners who are pleased with only thst. We need partners who want more – a combined service which we call executive decision support.

Why do we fight, what do we believe in?

Our mission is to put our clients, who have a right product and sales strategy, in a competitive position by providing them with our complex financial and accounting expertise, and to help them attain a competitive advantage.

Our life is about doing at the highest standard what we are the best at. We can only get to the top if we get our partners to the top as well. To do this, we constantly explore opportunities, and show them to our clients. That’s why we support their decison making, and asses the relevant risks and methods to deal with them.

A basic expectation is that our service shouldn’t just serve our partners but produce as well. The benefits have to be higher than the costs – by generating singnificant added value while reducing or controlling business risk.

We provide – we think

As a premium accounting office, our main services are on the highest level; the basis of our complex activities are up-to-date, complete accounting, payroll, social insurance consulting and financial reporting.

The uniqueness of our company is that we provide due diligence to our partners before we start bookkeeping. The next step is that we offer different visions to the owners and managers regarding tax and cost planning. Thereafter, we will be constantly monitoring the company’s operations, and management will receive feedback during periodic consultations.

We plan – we give advice

In order to assess our activities, we have to compare two basic concepts: tax consultancy and tax planning. Tax consultancy provides a specific answer to a specific question; it outlines more options. Tax planning, on the other hand, explores opportunites by applying due diligence techniques to the company’s financial and tax situation. Tax planning is not about answering questions, but about examining the enterprise’s opportunities – sometimes by stepping out of the box (e.g. splitting up the company or creating a company group).

During tax planning, the decision-maker draws up his business problems, tasks, visions, while the tax planner provides financial alternatives and various accounting methods as well as showing their risks and prerequisites.

We offer management support in order to achieve more efficient operations to our partners. Our strength is in tax optimization – taking full advantage of legal tax opportunities, for example, by assessing business and country risk. This is usually followed by recommendations and preparation for tendering and financing purposes, financial planning, asset management and management of generational change or internal reorganization.

We take responibility

We are committed to support the financial education of young people. We are open for opportunities; we are in a contractual relationship as an internship training place with Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest Business School and International Business School. Since 2018 we have also been involved in dual training. Papp Tibor, the CEO of Írisz Office, gives regular lectures to Budapest Business School students.

We can help 12 students every year to get their internship and prepare their thesis. We know that teaching financial awareness at a young age can lead to a competitive Hungary, and we see that this knowledge broadens our horizon and not our competition.

We share our knowledge and enter into partnership

We do not only use our craft to expand our own knowledge base: we upload professional publications on our website on a daily basis, which you can read in literally one minute. It allows busy executives to get helpful infomations for making responsible decisions.

Our media partners include Hungary’s leading tax portals, where we frequently publish on professional topics.

We regularly send our publications to our partners as well as making them available on our website in order to create Hungary’s one of the largest viewed taxation websites.

We constantly expand the number of our cooperative partners. Our goal is to work with partners – lawyers, auditors, tender experts, HR professionals, marketing consultants, IT professionals – who are their profession’s masters – to support each other and serve the clients on the most highest level.

We improve

It is extremely important for not only us but also our clients to be innovative. We constantly develope our knowledge and everything which is neccesary for efficient work. To achieve this we currently support the following products, not only as a user, but also as a professional partner:

  • we provide a cost-free enterprise management system called AI ERP that is suitable for high-level SMEs. The system is customized jointly by the software development team and the Írisz Office.
  • We can integrate the Nagy Machinator software of Progen Kft. into our tax planning and management decision support system under favorable conditions.
  • The Online Munkaidő Nyilvántartó is perfect for the administration of attendance sheets. This software provides adaptability, control and plannability.
  • We can provide a payroll accounting software as an integrated enterprise management system. It is suitable for bigger businesses or SMEs with higher standards to operate in one system and make the most sophisticated payroll reports.

We specialize

Because of the complexity of our services, we have structured our activities among independent economic entities. This way Írisz Office is not just a loose cooperation but also an efficient separation to achieve the most effective communication and implementation of our activities. We define our purposes and tasks together with common ideologies.

Activities of Írisz Office Group:

  • accounting (complex and in-depth)
  • tax planning
  • planning of cost-effectiveness
  • decision support and controlling for leaders
  • professional social security assistance, social security guidance
  • payroll, social security disbursement agency’s payroll
  • company investments
  • reorganisation of company structure
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • set up a company with complex administration not only in Hungary
  • consultation for startups before setting up the company
  • manufacturing of shares
  • support of corporate governance, controlling and administration systems
  • structural, tax and cost planning for company groups
  • planning and operating of holding activities
  • making financial, operational and tax plans for change of ownership or generational change
  • crisis management
  • compliance for tenders and creditworthiness
  • international tax planning
  • professional support for entering foreign markets
  • legal, tax and business model planning
  • liquidation and bankruptcy
  • registered office service
  • condition assessment

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